Bridal Cottage

Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to update you on our progress in the bridal cottage. While we are not completely finished with the upstairs, we are finished with the downstairs. The photo above is of our staircase, which is what you see as soon as you walk in.

Once you make it into our living area, you would see this.

This area has beautiful natural light that shines through the original house windows. From our last wedding, we’ve seen this area used a lot in bridal portraits.

Keeping “open concept” in mind, we have our living room opening up to the kitchen area. We are pleased with our cabinets and countertops (that we purchased from Cabinets Direct) as well as our appliances (from Patterson’s).

Truth be told, when we purchased this house, the kitchen was actually in the bridal suite. We moved the kitchen into the living area to create a space for our brides and bridesmaids to get ready. Just past the kitchen is our bridal suite.

We made sure to multiple outlets in this room as well as several hangers for everyone to hang their dresses on.

While we are not completely finished with this house, it feels great to be as far along as we are. Each wedding we learn something new that we can provide for our brides. We really enjoyed restoring and renovating this house and can’t wait to finish the upstairs!

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