Bridal cottage: final details

As we wrap up our final few days on the bridal cottage, it is amazing to see the transformation that an old house can have with some love.

We are finally to the point of doing the “fun stuff,” such as landscaping, installing the last light fixtures and hanging wall decor. This past weekend, Chad spent ALL DAY Saturday landscaping the bridal cottage.

When we buy plants, we always try and buy from our local nursery-Brown’s Greenhouse. In addition to supporting a small business, the owners are just “good people” that know us, know our story and can recommend certain plants to us. I always love going there to see what new plants and flowers they got in.

Another big thing that got accomplished this past weekend was spiffing up the front porch of the bridal cottage. My mom was a true champ and lead this project. Not only did she help paint every corbel and handrail, but she washed the siding of the house (and windows!) to bring back some of its original charm.

Lastly, we began creating the countertop in the actual bridal suite. Chad and his dad were able to see the vision and create it all in under 12 hours.

Whew! That was a lot! There are several more things left to accomplish before our first wedding of the season (in less than two weeks!) but, as we say a lot around here, just one thing at a time.

2 thoughts on “Bridal cottage: final details

  1. The Bridal Cottage looks great!!! Looking forward to seeing when totally finished!! You guys are such hard workers!!! We love you!!! ❤️❤️


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